Fenix Candle Refill Service

At Fenix Candle Co our mission is simple - to repurpose and reuse glass bottles.  This is why we offer a candle refill service. And the best bit, all refills are half the of the original cost of the candle: 

  • Cider Bottle Candle   $7
  • Beer Bottle Candle    $11
  • Wine Bottle Candle   $22
  • Rum Bottle Candle    $21

How does it work? 

Just drop off your empty Fenix candle to one of our two stores who stock our candles on the Mornington Peninsula and we do the rest. You can find us at: 

  • Artisan's Alley - 17 Main Street, Mornington, VIC  
  • Dromana Indoor Market - 2 Nepean Highway, Dromana, VIC 

Fill out the below form with your details, including which store you dropped your candle in, the type of candle (eg Beer Bottle) and what scent you would like. 

There is no need to clean the candle, we do that for you.  

We will send you a message when your candle is ready for collection. You pay for your candle in store when you collect your candle. 

That's it! 

Fenix Candle Co 


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